Most of us have heard the saying throughout our life that we can’t expect to judge or understanding someone accurately until we’ve walked a mile in their shoes. I feel like Carol Ann Duffy in her collection of poetry, titled “The World’s Wife,” is including this as one of the main messages of her book. Over and over again, we get multiple points of view of individuals (particularly women) who didn’t have their opinion shared in history, and so Duffy is providing us with some of the thoughts that could have been running through their minds at the time their husbands were going through their particular experiences.

One reason that Duffy might have given a whole collection of poetry to those whose opinions are forgotten is to remind us that there is always more to history than what we know or remember. We need to pay attention to those things that may be easily overlooked by a lack in popularity because we may be able to gain a broader perspective of certain events in myths, legends, or history.

History, I’ve learned, is constantly changing because of the new opinions, new theories, and new information we are continually finding. We learn new things based on the constant research that is being done and the technological advances that are letting us gain more access to more and more material. We may believe that we know some things now, but history shows that there is always more for us to learn, and I believe Duffy is trying to open the eyes of her readers to a new way of looking at the stories that we are so familiar with and have such a narrow understanding of right now without considering a new way of looking at it.

From Men In Black, youtube.com

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