I Don’t Know What I Believe Anymore!

I Don’t Know What I Believe Anymore!

I think all of us have moments when we reflect on ourselves as individuals and what we believe. When I see this portrayed in movies, it’s usually at the turning point when the main character is about to walk into a do or die situation after having a brief internal-struggle and either comes out on top or doesn’t. Also, I think monologues are another outward example of that inward moment. Thank you Shakespeare. In reality, they may happen often for some, or maybe others only have it once in their lives. But no matter how often these moments may occur, they stay in our memory long after they happen. Say what?

As I was reading, “Sexy,” by Jhumpa Lahiri, I related to the main character, Miranda, who is twenty-two at the time this story takes place. She hasn’t had to make too many big decisions in her life so far, she is still young and full of energy and the full weight of adult responsibility hasn’t come crashing down on her yet. So having a affair with an already married man seemed like a way she could feel more like an adult without needing to deal with the responsibility that comes along with marriage and relationships.

I love the idea that a child, who grew up with a father who cheated on his mother, understood the word “sexy” to mean something different from what Miranda thought.

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Although most people understand sexy to mean one thing, she realizes the impact that this one word has on this family that she hardly knows. Sexy, to this boy, means “loving someone you don’t know” (Lahiri, p. 3263). Sometimes adults tend to over-complicate things or rationalize their way out of situations, but many children keep things simple. Miranda has a reality check with her fantasy life she is having with Dev, the married man. Having moments of humility like that can change us. But the boy’s opinion of his father’s choices is a whole other story.


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